Classroom Tools

Direct Effect has created a variety of free integrated marketing tools for faculty use.
From a full-semester curriculum to videos and exercises, the tools described below help bring integrated marketing to life in the collegiate classroom.

QR Code Explainer Video

Download this quick, three-minute video and share it with your students. They will learn:

  • Why QR codes have become more popular
  • How QR codes move users from print to online destinations
  • How to create a QR code using free online tools
  • How to use QR codes to track usage and measure campaign effectiveness
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Live-Client Project
for the Classroom

Follow steps to provide your students with an insightful and rewarding live-client experience, as well as a packaged virtual client challenge.

Students will:

  • Apply knowledge from classwork to real-world scenarios.
  • Generate material for their student portfolio.
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America250PA Client Challenge Materials

You will find the tools and resources necessary to complete the three rounds of the America250PA Direct Effect Innovation Challenge.


Direct Effect®
Live Webinar Series

In 2020, Direct Effect® produced a 14-week webinar series to keep our community together and present information and insights on teaching integrated marketing in today’s collegiate environment. Guest speakers included academics, industry leaders, and the students we’ve been privileged to work with.

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Innovation Challenge Facilitator’s Guide

Use this detailed, adaptable guidebook to plan and implement a Direct Effect® Innovation Challenge customized for your classroom or school.

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Integrated Campaign Planning Canvas

A valuable classroom tool and key piece of the Direct Effect® Innovation Challenge process, the Canvas guides students through the steps of envisioning and creating an integrated print+digital marketing campaign.

Students will:

  • Plan out how they want their integrated marketing campaign to look and what it should achieve.
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Direct Effect®

In collaboration with academic and industry partners, USPS developed integrated marketing coursework for the collegiate classroom. The five course modules can be used individually, blended into existing curriculum, or used as a complete 14-week course.

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Each of the following modules consists of combinations of classwork, homework, lectures, and suggested resources: