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More than 4,000 students have engaged in Direct Effect® Innovation Challenges, completed Direct Effect® micro-credential courses, attended Direct Effect® webinars, or learned about integrated direct marketing through the Direct Effect® curriculum. In the process, they gained valuable knowledge in the study of integrated direct marketing and became part of a large community of academic and industry professionals, as well as fellow students. 

E-Learning & Certification

Direct Effect® micro-credential courses provide students with foundational knowledge in integrated direct marketing. They consist of informational slide-decks, videos, and quizzes. Students who complete our online courses receive a certificate of completion to add to their LinkedIn profiles and their resumes. All Direct Effect® micro-credential courses are free to college students and faculty. 

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USPS® Internships

As a perk of being part of the Direct Effect® community, students have primary access to USPS® internship opportunities. To view current internship offerings,
please visit the USPS careers page, and type “interns” into the keyword field.

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Career Resources from PCCs

Our extensive PCC network provides students with the opportunity to network with industry professionals, for career insights and more. Sign-up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about new career opportunities.


Student Testimonials

I have always had a passion for business and technology, but was unsure how to connect the two together when it came to career development and my career path. The Direct Effect Innovation Challenge and our America250PA team project was the perfect opportunity to hone in my passions, along with gain new skills in direct marketing. My favorite part was the collaboration with my teammates, especially since we all came from different backgrounds. The brainstorming and design process where we bounced ideas off one another was another highlight, as well as creating something from a concept idea into a full out year-long campaign to reach the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sabrina Tatalias
Point Park University
My favorite part was definitely the networking that came along with the experience. Each member on our team studied a different discipline so I was able to expand my knowledge in research, data analysis, public relations, advertising and much more simply by working with my teammates. In addition, I met some incredibly talented professionals in the fields of marketing, print production and design who I've been able to maintain frequent communication with for advice and networking. Overall, I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, all the while building my skill set and doing what I love. I couldn't have asked for anything more to prepare me for real-world work.

Bri Farrand
Point Park University