Direct Effect Live Webinar Series

To stay engaged and connected during this time of social distancing and remote learning, the Direct Effect team has recruited a distinguished crop of guest presenters from academia and industry to host a series of weekly interactive webinars. 

Each Friday at 2:00pm (ET), we will discuss best practices, new technologies, strategies, opportunities, and results around modern integrated direct marketing. 

We hope you’ll join us to help us keep our community connected, informed, and inspired.

Coming Up

May 29 | 2PM EST

Opening the Doors to Marketing Industry Jobs

Jeffrey Tackes, U.S. Postal Service
Nakita M. Pope, The Creative Circus
James Rozanski, Parsons School of Design
Margo Yohner, RRD

Classes are done; degrees have been awarded. So what now for graduates? Where is the door to the marketing industry? What opportunities are behind it? And how can new graduates unlock it? Our panel of academics and industry veterans will explore the pathways, tools, and techniques available to help graduates step through the door, and how faculty can help them find the keys.


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April 24

Introducing the Direct Effect Curriculum:
How Bentley Uses it to Teach Integrated Marketing

Ian Cross, Bentley University
Vicki Stephen, U.S. Postal Service


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Previous Webinars

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About Direct Effect

The Direct Effect™  program engages the next generation of marketers by demonstrating the power of truly integrated print and digital marketing campaigns through proven experiential learning methods. A collaborative effort among academic, industry, and the U.S. Postal Service, Direct Effect offers a modular direct marketing curriculum as a public service to higher education institutions and facilitates its adoption and implementation with deep industry support. 

Direct Effect also hosts the Direct Effect Innovation Challenge series of one-day marketing hackathons,
as well as the Direct Effect Live webinar series.

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We hope you're inspired by the ways that mail and digital can work together to drive results.

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