Direct Effect Live Webinar Series

From April through July of 2020, the Direct Effect team hosted 14 Direct Effect Live webinars to keep our community together and present information and insights on teaching integrated marketing in today’s collegiate environment. We are grateful to all of our guest speakers, including academics, industry leaders, and the students we’ve been privileged to work with.

Recordings for each session are available for viewing below, and faculty members are welcome to use this content in their classrooms. 

Resources for our 3-part mini-series on presenting live client projects in the virtual classroom are available on the Resources page.

Coming Up

July 17 - 31 | 2PM EST

Live-Client Projects in the Virtual Classroom

Live-client experiences—in which students create real work in response to real business challenges—are a key component of a well-rounded marketing education, but have become difficult to execute due to social distancing and a shift to online learning. This three-part Direct Effect webinar mini-series will guide faculty members through the steps to providing their students an insightful and rewarding virtual live-client experience, as well as provide a packaged client challenge and other key resources.

July 17 | 2PM EST
1. Overview and Instruction

July 24 | 2PM EST
2. Case Study Presentation

July 31 | 2PM EST
3. Student Outputs


Previous Webinars

We'll place recordings of
previous Direct Effect Live webinars here for later use.


April 24

Introducing the Direct Effect Curriculum:
How Bentley Uses it to Teach Integrated Marketing

Ian Cross, Bentley University
Vicki Stephen, U.S. Postal Service


Next Webinars

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Webinar Recordings

Each Direct Effect Live session was recorded for later viewing, below.We hope you’ll share them with your colleagues,
your students, or others who might be interested.

About Direct Effect

The Direct Effect™  program engages the next generation of marketers by demonstrating the power of truly integrated print and digital marketing campaigns through proven experiential learning methods. A collaborative effort among academic, industry, and the U.S. Postal Service, Direct Effect offers a modular direct marketing curriculum as a public service to higher education institutions and facilitates its adoption and implementation with deep industry support. 

Direct Effect also hosts the Direct Effect Innovation Challenge series of one-day marketing hackathons,
as well as the Direct Effect Live webinar series.

You can learn more about Direct Effect by contacting the team at

Get integrated

We hope you're inspired by the ways that mail and digital can work together to drive results.

If we can assist in integrating the curriculum into your classroom, or if you would like to share your work, your student’s work, or your research with the Direct Effect community of educators, students, and industry members, please contact our team at:
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